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  • An unprecedented theatrical experience. Functioning more as a protest than a play, Jet of Blood is an extremely visceral and personal account of the way in which rape can poison your sexuality, your relationship with your own body, and your ability to love and be loved. The work features audio recordings from when I reported the assaults to the police, conversations with my rapist, video evidence of my own mental breakdown and misadventures, along with music & text from Jet of Blood, Alice in Wonderland, Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz,  Lolita, The Nutcracker, and Rosemary’s Baby (to name a few). It’s a horrific romance and a tender horror story told in a kaleidoscope of music, dance, opera, & docudrama. But put simply Jet of Blood is the story of a survivor taking back their power once and for all.

Trigger Warning: rape, graphic pornography, the musical stylings of Miley Cyrus, excessive drug use, self-mutilation, lots of nudity, crucifixion, the not-so-unique story of one 14-year-old boy and a climax that has never been seen on stage before.

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